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About Us

Beautech Pte Ltd is your most-trusted supplier for PolyCarbonate Solid Sheets, PolyCarbonate Hollow Sheets, Aluminium Composite Panels and Cast Acrylic Sheets. Cater to businesses as well as customers, we ensure that all our products are of top quality to address your construction needs.

For Beautech, it all starts with service.

Our Products

Advertising & Signage purposes

Unizen Polycarbonate Hollow sheet | Aluminium Composite | Cast Acrylic Sheets

Bringing attention towards a brand or business has never been more critical as it is today due to the competitive market. Creating awareness of your brand with modern and unique custom signage or display structures makes for high impact in the eyes of customers.

Roofing Purposes

Unizen Polycarbonate Hollow & Solid Sheet Aluminium Composite Panels | Roofing Accessories

Need a cost effective solution to your construction needs? these materials are lightweight, durable, weather and corrosion resistant (resistant to rust and damage when exposed to rain, chemicals and UV radiation) as well as being highly thermal resistant and insulating.

Polystyrene resin Sheets & Indoor Custom Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Door has been the most popular choice for limited space area. 
At Beautech, our doors are durable and at industry-standards. We offers various of designs and colors, almost like a D-I-Y, we also offer different frame materials for your doors and of course it is also equipped with a roller system, durability and quality assued.


Laser Cutting | Bonding
Design & Build
Material Supply