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UNIZEN Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

UNIZEN Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Our Polycarbonate Solid Sheet (or more commonly known as PC Solid Sheet) is produced using 100% raw Bayer material, coated with UV protection which can filter about 99% UV radiation. PC Solid Sheet has several characteristics such as high impact resistance, light-weighted, allows hot moulding as well as easy cold bending process. Therefore, PC Solid Sheet can be widely used in construction and decorations.


- general construction material process
- skylights of skyscrapers, department stores, gyms, fast food restaurants, churches, and hospitals
- arch skylights of parking lots, shopping malls, airports, swimming pools, supermarkets, and courtyards
- reception rooms, usher offices, jewellery stores, gas stations, booths, clock and watch stores, and display windows
- soundproof facilities of freeways, MRTs, and overpasses
- heat-resistant sheets of greenhouses, factories, garages
- bulletin boards, shop sings, and indicators
- ceilings, light and lamp covers, shower stall doors, and skylights of offices

Product Specifications (Made in Taiwan)
COLOURS: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Light Green, Light Blue, Embossed Bronze, Embossed Clear

Thickness 4FTX8FT 4FTX16FT 4FTX19FT 4FTx50FT 4FTX100FT per foot run - 4ft x 1ft 5FTX100FT per foot run - 5ft x 1ft
2.0 MM _ _ _ _ _
3.0 MM _ _ _ _ _
4.0 MM _ _
5.0 MM _ _ _ _
6.0 MM

_ _ _
8.0 MM _ _ _ _ _
9.6 MM _ _ _ _ _

NOTE: Product images, including colour, may differ from actual product appearance.

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