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PS Sheet

PS Sheet

PS sheet
is a material made of General Purpose Polystyrene resin.

Advantages of Use
Low cost, light- weighted, safe to use

- Interior decoration & partition
- Lighting diffusers, which may be made into different shapes of lighting items through vacuum forming
- Sliding door in bathroom - Bi-Fold doors

  Size  26"X78" 30"X84" 3' X 7' 1M X 2M 4' X 7'
 E1 Light Blue  
 E2 Pink          
 E3 Grey          
 E4 Light Green          
 E5 Apricot          
 E6 Coffee Milk          
 E7 Ivory          
 E8 Purple          
 E9 Black          
 E10 Yellow _        
 E11 Red        
 E12 Brown        
 E13 Sky Blue        
 E14 Jade        
 MF23 Opal Light Green        
 MF25 Opal Yellow          
 MF28 Light Blue          
 MF29 Opal White          
 MF30 Blue          
 MF34 Opal Green        
 MF38 Opal Pink          
 MF50 Brown        
 MF58 Grey  
 MF77 Purple      
 MF81 Beige  
 MF89 White
 MF000 Clear  _

NOTE: Product images, including colour, may differ from actual product appearance.

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